NOW HIRING: Party Champions!

Join the party with us! If you love parties, weddings, and events, we are looking for authentic humans with personality, charisma, and drive.

Our headquarters is located at Midland Odessa, Texas. We are always open for hiring summer job part-timers or even full-timers to work as Photo Booth attendants, generalist staff, videographers, photographers and even DJs!

Working with us is very flexible – you can confirm your availability prior to an event.

Submit a form if you want to join us!

Join the crew!

  • Harold Mora


  • Antonette Limpin

    Operations and Product Manager

  • Brent Viñeza

    Content Creation and Digital Marketing Manager

  • Karlene Joie Garcia

    E-Com Web Manager

  • Celeste Abansi

    Associate Operations and Product Manager

  • Janine Diocares

    SMM,Sales and Marketing Manager

  • Erica Yala Agullana

    Lead Generation and Events Manager

  • Mary Vi Ileto

    Product Consultant and E-commerce Manager

  • Vanessa Magaling

    Graphic Designer & Brand Artist

  • Ellen Jane Cababaro

    Web Master and

    E-commerce Manager